Summer Fixtures :- 2019

Grantham & District Table Tennis League
Week Commencing:- 11/11/2019
Week Number:- 6/22


Home Team

Away Team


1 11/11/19 Ancaster Sports Links Taxis
Ancaster Village Hall
  11/11/19 Betas Chandlers B
Grantham Meres
  11/11/19 BT A Newark Wanderers A
Grantham Meres
  14/11/19 Cranmer A Carlton Scroop A
The Thomas Cranmer Centre
  14/11/19 Cranmer B Chandlers A
The Thomas Cranmer Centre
2 11/11/19 BTL ISS Consulting
Harlaxton Village Hall
  11/11/19 Chandlers C Arbons Sports
Grantham Meres
  11/11/19 Chandlers D Newark Wanderers B
Grantham Meres
  11/11/19 Classics BT B
Grantham Meres
  12/11/19 Carlton Scroop C DVS Crowns
Carlton Scroop Village Hall